Learn Photography

Great Ingredients

Make Great Photographs:

1 - Subject Matter

Subject Plus

Our attention is drawn to the subject within the frame.

Of course.

But—we're often too subject oriented.

What about everything else?

It's the everything else ingredients that often make a photograph great.



The photographer of the above photograph had a good subject—a kitten.

However, the red and yellow don't add anything to the depiction of the subject.

Yes, the colors are eye catching.

They're also distracting.

We've got to be aware of the subject and everything else.

If the everything isn't working for the subject, we've got to make a change, or not take the photograph.

Go to Hierarchy of Dissatisfaction.

In the photograph below, the photographer was aware of the subjects and the everything else.

The background color works well with the coats of the dog and cat.

And, the warm color of the light adds more.