What the

Light Meter "Sees"

The light meter in your camera measures the light in a scene to set the exposure.

When we look at a scene, our retinas see the light coming from everywhere.

Light meters are different.

They "see" the light from only a portion of the scene.

How to Use

You can use the settings below to change what parts of a scene the light meter will measure.

Press down on the Light Meter button, and turn a control knob to change from one setting to another.

Setting Does This
Multi, Matrix, or Evaluative

The light meter measures the intensity of the light in many parts of a scene.

Then, the camera's computer compares the many measurements to examples stored in the computer.

The computer then sets the exposure according to the best match between the scene and the examples.

Center-weighted The light meter measures the light mostly in the center part of the scene.
Spot A small portion of the scene is measured. Often, the area measured is the area between the focus markings in the center of the viewfinder.

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