Focus Area


Be sure to check where your camera is focusing.

By default, many cameras will focus on the nearest subject.

But, what if that's not where you want to focus?

You may want to set the camera to always focus in the center.

Then, you always know where it's focusing.

Three Types

There are three focus area types.

Closest Subject

The camera will focus on the subject that's closest to the camera.

This focusing type is used in Auto exposure mode and many of the exposure mode icons.

Single Area

You can set the camera to focus on one of about five areas, such as the center.

Dynamic Area

Camera will focus on the single area that you select.

However, should the subject then leave that area, the camera will focus on the subject using the other four focus areas.

Locking in the Focus

You can lock in the focus by focusing on the subject, and then keeping the shutter release pressed down slightly.

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