Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation allows you to shift the exposure setting up or down from the setting determined by your camera's light meter.

For example, if you're photographing canyon walls in Zion National Park, you could set the exposure compensation to -0.5.

Every photograph would be underexposed by one-half stop.

Less light reaches the sensor.

The colors of the canyon walls will be darker, and hence, richer.

How to Use

The exposure compensation button usually is designated by a +/- icon.

On many cameras, you set exposure compensation by holding down the button, and turning the control knob.

When exposure compensation is set, an icon appears on the LCD screen, as a reminder.

If you use exposure compensation, make it a habit to check for the icon when you turn on your camera.

It's easy to set exposure compensation, and then to leave it set there when it is no longer needed.

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Exposure Compensation