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Photo Cheat Sheet Quiz - 7

Falling Snow - Boy in Window


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Falling Snow - Boy in Window

Question Jim's Answer

Is the light good?

Good light helps to communicate the photograph's intent.


What's the direction of the light?

• Sidelighting highlights texture and shape due to the shadows.

• Light from the camera conceals texture and shape.

• Backlighting separates the subject from the background.

It's overcast, of course, so the light is even with no shadows.

How large is the light source?

The size of the light source determines the contrast of the light.

The snowy sky is a large light siurce, so there's little contrast.

What's the color of the light?

Set the white balance.

Not applicable!.

How much light is there?

Set the ISO

ISO 400 is often a good setting for overcast days.

A slow shutter speed was used her to blur the falling snow.

ISO 400 may be too fast when you need to use a slow shutter speed.

Make the sensor less sensitive to light with an of ISO 100 — so you can let lots of light in via a slow shutter speed.

Which letter do you use on the exposure mode dial?

Which letter do you use on the exposure mode dial?

• Use P if motion and depth-of-field are not important.

• S or Tv for motion is important. Motion includes subject motion and possible camera shake.

• A or Av for depth-of-field

Use S or Tv so you can set a slow shutter speed to blur the snow.

What you see is not what you get?

• Color

• Contrast

When should you not depend on the light meter?

• Is there something in the scene that will confuse your camera's light meter?

– A bright or dark area

– Backlighting

– Light or dark subject filling the frame

Snow is the sun confuses light meters, but falling snow with an overcast sky.

What's the best focal length?

• Medium when close to the subject

• Wide-angle for more apparent shape and volume.

• Telephoto for apparent compression of space

In NYC, building are close together, so you would have to use a wide-angle focal length to include lots of windows in the frame.

You wouldn't want to zoom in on the boy, because the photograph is more effective when you don't see him instantly.

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