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Vintage Workflow

This is what workflow used to be.


Young man developing film, 1937.

Under a dim red light, I first removed the paper backing from the roll of film, see-sawed the film up and down in the developer tray for 5 minutes, then through the shortstop (acetic acid) for a minute, next to the hypo tray. After several minutes I turned on the light to see the results.

Don O'Brien

Digital Workflow

This document will get you going on the right digital workflow.

There are many steps below.

Don't be alarmed.

The steps are easy to do—and they become second nature quickly

Mac Users

When you see Ctrl below, press the Command key instead.

There's one exception.

If your Mac mouse doesn't have a right-click button, do the following.

1) Press and hold Ctrl (not Command).

2) Left click on the item.

Get a Flash Drive

You'll need a flash drive.

You'll use it to bring your photographs to class.

You can buy a flash drive from Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack, and many other locations.

Spend about $10 to $15 for an 8 GB flash drive.

GB, gigabyte, refers to the size of the flash drive memory.

Using the Flash Drive

Do the following.

1) Move some of your photographs to the flash drive.

If you don't know how to transfer some of your photographs to a flash drive, go to How to Move Photographs to a Flash Drive.

2) Bring the flash drive to class.

There, you'll edit the photographs in class and will save them on the flash drive.

3) At home, you'll also work from the flash drive for a while.

4) If you want to edit a new photograph, move it to the flash drive before editing.

By doing the above, you won't have to confront opening and saving photographs with Picasa, iPhoto, Bridge, etc.

You learn how to save to those organizing programs later.

Let's get going on the workflow.


You can download the entire tutorial here (PDF).

First Steps Cheat Sheets

The information on the following pages is summarized in three handy cheat sheets.

Download and print them out:  (Word, PDF)