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2 - Using Your Laptop in Class

Switch to Raw

Your camera is probably saving photographs as JPEG files.

With Lightroom, raw files are superior to JPEG files.

If you're "shooting JPEGs," here are general instructions for switching to raw.

1) Press the Menu button on your camera.

2) Look for Image Quality or Quality.

3) Select RAW.

You may have to refer to your camera manual.

Or, search using these terms:

Your camera make & model raw quality

I can help you with this before or after class.

Make a Folder


1) Press the Windows key + e.

The Windows key looks like a wavy flag.

It's to the left of the space bar.

2) On the left side of the window, click Pictures.

3) Make a folder in Pictures:

a) Press Shift + Ctrl + n.

b) Enter Lightroom Photos.

c) Click Enter.


1) Go to the Dock and click Finder, the blue double-face icon on the left end.

2) On the left side of the window, click Desktop to open it up.

3) Make a folder on your Desktop:

a) Click the File menu at the top of the screen and select New Folder.

b) Enter Lightroom Photos.

c) Click Return.

Bring to Class

• Your laptop with Lightroom 6 or Lightroom Classic CC installed.

• A mouse is recommended.

• Bring in your camera and the cord to connect it to your computer.

Or—bring in a memory card (with photographs) and a card reader.

• Bring in a one inch, 3-ring, binder for handouts.

You're Done

Thank you!

You can ignore what follows.

It's what we'll do in class.

Basic Workflow

First, we'll make a Lightroom catalog.

The catalog is a database that stores all of your organizing and editing.

Then, we'll proceed through the Basic Workflow: Laptop.