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1 - Get Ready for Class

Welcome to our class!

If you have a question, reply to the e-mail I sent you or click Ask Jim.

What's In the Cloud?

When something is in the cloud:

• It means it's located on a server (really big computer) somewhere.

• It's not on your computer's hard drive.

Confusion - Be Careful

Please read the following carefully so you buy the correct version of Lightroom.

Adobe now has three versions of Lightroom:

1) Lightroom 6

You buy the program outright for about $149.

There are no monthly charges.

The program is located on your computer's hard drive.

The program uses photographs on your hard drive.

Adobe has stopped updating the program.

To buy, enter Lightroom 6 in the search box.

2) Lightroom Classic CC

This version was renamed recently.

It used to be called Lightroom CC.

You pay about $10 per month (yearly contract).

The program is located on your computer.

Your photographs can be on your computer's hard drive or in the cloud (Adobe, DropBox, etc.).

3) Lightroom CC

This version is 100% cloud based.

The program is in the cloud.

Your photographs are only in Adobe's cloud (not in DropBox, etc.).

This version is not used in class.

Do not buy.


Please buy—Lightroom 6—or—Lightroom Classic CC.

Lightroom CC is not used in class.

Do not buy.

Lightroom 6

Lightroom 6 is hard to find on

Enter Lightroom 6 in their search box.

Download and install Lightroom 6

Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom Classic CC Get Started

Windows Users Only

Your laptop or desktop computer must have a 64-bit operating system.

To check, go to Windows: 64-bit Operating System Required.

Do You Already Have Lightroom?

Which Lightroom do you have?

Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC look like this:


Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic CC

Lightroom CC looks like this:


Lightroom CC

Enlarge the Above Screenshots

Click to see both screenshots, side-by-side.

If you have Lightroom 6 or Lightroom Classic CC—you're all set.


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