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Catalog with Multiple Devices

Lightroom CC is designed to sync your catalog and photographs across multiple devices.

What about Lightroom Classic?

There are three methods.

Method #1

Your catalog and photographs are located on an external hard drive.

You move the external hard drive from computer to computer.


Tried and true

Of course, the external hard drive is backed up.


Lightroom may run more slowly by having it on an external hard drive.

Method #2

Your photographs are on an external hard drive.

You copy your catalog from computer to computer.

Let's say you're at your cabin in Maine working with Lightroom.

You copy the Lightroom catalog to your external hard drive.

You travel to your villa in Costa Rica.

There, you copy the catalog to your computer.


Lightroom may run faster with this method.


The copying is cumbersome if you're switching computers often.

And, one could delete the wrong catalog.

Method #3

You create a catalog in your Creative Cloud Files folder—and import photographs stored in the cloud.

Go to the video tutorial by Dan Watson:

Sync Lightroom Catalogs & Images Across All Your Devices



You can use Dropbox or another service instead of Adobe's cloud.


New method

You need fast and reliable connection to the cloud.

You're paying for cloud storage.