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Janet Rusmisel – Birds of a Feather

For me there is always a picture waiting to be taken. Through my photos I want to share the ordinary, unexpected beauty and subtlety of nature that is all around us and often goes unnoticed.

Janet Rusmisel

image 1
Anhinga Close-up
image 2
Great White Egret
image 3
Flying Eagle
image 4
Bad Hair Day Egret
image 5
Mocking Bird in the Rain
image 6
Flying Blue Heron
image 7
Flying Spoonbill
image 8
White Pelicans
image 9
Black Bird
image 10
Sandhill Family
image 11
Mother and Baby Sandhill
image 12
Red Heron
image 13
Baby Sandhill
image 14
image 15
Flying White Pelican