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Ron Mason – Peace and Tranquility

Photography to me is another form of communications...people mainly communicate with words, words that often have nuance, clarity/lack of clarity and confusion which leaves us missing the connections we want with each other.

I see my photography as a means to express visually, emotions that are universal, joy, reflection, peace, beauty, serenity and the ability to see the world differently with a simple snap of the shutter.

My choice of subjects come from my interest in many things; landscapes, seascapes, woodlands, flowers and geometric shapes in architecture and how mood, lighting, and composition can bridge emotional connections.

I use photography as a means to capture a moment, go beyond the subject and not to just look at it, but feel the moment. Our moment of Zen.

Ron Mason

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image 1
Southern Woodlands
image 2
Morning Rainbow
image 3
Alaskan Woodlands
image 4
Nature's Wonder 1
image 5
Man made Wonder
image 6
A Window on the World
image 7
Golden Sunset
image 8
Reflections on a Season
image 9
Nature's Wonder 2
image 10
Working in the Cloud
image 11
Rolling Hills
image 12
Breathe In...Relax
image 13
image 14
Chagall Exhibit @ The Selby
image 15
Mountain Lake